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Materik - textbook salvation, 7 Jermon NIKIFOR TEOTOKIJE - WORDS ON Monasenje first word, 11 in other words, 16 third word, fourth word 21, 26 St Theophan the Recluse - LESSONS SVEČASNIM INOKINJAMA about what requires them monasticism About keeping vows, 35 Indications monastic Life in the Life of St John the Baptist, 39 lines of monastic life in the Life of the Holy Great Martyr Ekaterina, 42 The most important work of monasticism is the purification of the heart from passions, 45 pins for samoraspinjanje, 48 Raising the inner Cross, 50 Mirror monahovanja in the Life of St. Alexius, the man of God, 55 God gave Temple - we use it as befits, 58 on encouraging myself to prayer and to training in prayer, 61 A masonry inner temple of God, 63 wings of prayer, 67 Finding "what's up" is the first work monahovanja, 70 Holy Women Marys cheek as search Lord, 73 form of monasticism in what happened after the miraculous holy apostles satiety 5000 people at sea, 76 municipalities in the subsequent development of more, 79 Encouraging zeal for hard work, 81 Without uttering be zealous for monastic work, 84 Those who podvizavaju work of healing their psychological and others may soon be healing baths, 87 What should be inokinje to get together with the smart girls strolled down to the chambers of the immortal bridegroom, 91 Lord comes and brings salvation, 94 MATERIK Epistle monk Isaiah najblagorodnijoj nun Theodora, 103 Famous sayings Saints women anchorites that Isaiah states gathered for the venerable nun Theodore, 113 monks, spiritual guidance Isaiah prečasnoj nun Theodora, 145 vied isichism as winning interior space, 127 prayer treasury of Father Justin, 135 Spiritual Life by alphabetical Patericon, 147 Sinaites and their importance in the life Serbian 14th and 15th century, 165 Novofilokalijski movement of spiritual and liturgical revival and Greek ecclesiastical fraternity, 197 Ideology educational tradition and the Enlightenment, Dositej Obradovic, 215 Importance of Serbian women's monasticism for our spiritual life and education, 243 verb word on funeral Father Justin, 253 Episcopal preaching on the day of inauguration of 21 July 1985, 259 Sermon on the day of inauguration of the Cetinje Monastery, 263 God's joy and human sorrow, 269 Svetinja We will not give up Kosovo and Metohija, 279 Christmas message, 287 If you have lost his savor, wherewith shall the earth and the hearts of salted, 289, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me, 293 Bogočovječanski ethos Bishop Nikolai, 299 Njegoševo theology, 307 Heavenly teacher of sacred doctrine, 311 The light of Christ enlightens all, 313


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