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Orthodox ascetic youth and beginners

Author: Archpriest Timothy Seljski This book is intended primarily for young people who have received an Orthodox upbringing in childhood, with the aim to facilitate their overcoming the difficult period of 'youth, obremenjenog many scandals and temptations, and it does not thereby lose their faith, not dirty their conscience but be aware pravoslvni Christians. Content: Christian world - BASIS OF CHRISTIAN ETHICS religious character of all ethical norms, 15 Revelation of God in the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament, 22 Testimonies authenticity of the New Testament, 28 Orthodox Church as the only true Christian community, 35 What is Orthodox ascetic, 39 Orthodox teaching The man to Orthodox teaching about man, 47 God's image and his image in man, 48 Spirit, soul and body, 52 three powers of the soul, 57 The needs of the human spirit, soul and body, and their activity, 58 Relations between the spirit, soul and body, 60 The concept of passion, 62 freedom of man and his free will, 64 O commandments of God, 66 on the inherent grehovnoj corruption, 69 Without struggle against sin awaits death, 73 CHRIST ON CONVERSION mysterious knowledge of God, 79 Conversion of St. Augustine, 84 Conversion to Christ - Turnaround Spirit, 87 And what if there had been no conversion, 91 Najstr¹nije lose faith, 93 Necessary precautions, 96 Poznan himself as a Christian, 100 THIS WORLD AND THE RECESSION OF CARE This Christian world and u7daljavanje a Christian of him, 105 ascetic understanding of the world, 107 The Biblical view of the removal of this world in the Old Testament, the New Testament 112 lessons on this same topic, 117 Holy learning about the world and the modern world, 120 We in the world and the world to us, 122 Avoiding world, pride and love of neighbor, 125 Council passes and the lust thereof: 130 This world and ecclesial communities, 132 of restraining body, soul and feelings of self-control, Epicureanism and Manichaeism, 137 restraining the body, mind Keeping 140, 143 Storage hearts, 157 Care will - listening, 168 PASSION sinful sinful passions, 185 division passion, 186 A short overview of basic passions, 188 struggle against the passions, 192 restraining the opposite sex lessons about chastity, virginity and marriage, 197 Ranking celomudrenog life, 202 SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES Christian spiritual activity of a Christian, 215 zeal after God, fear God and sobriety, 216 Remembering the death and awareness of the apocalypse, 222 A prayer 226 times life choice, 231


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 16 January, 2016.

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