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Decani and other price-Arhimandrit Mr.Aleksej

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop John G. ©umadia, in the hall of the Bishop's Palace in Kragujevac, November 3, 2014 at 18:30 pm, there was a presentation of the book "Deèanski AND OTHER STORIES" Archimandrite of St. Luke in the village of Bosnians, Mr. Alexei ( Bogiæeviæa). The book and its emerging spoke of His Grace Bishop Jovan, rector of the Seminary of St. John Chrysostom, archpriest-stavrofor Dr. Zoran Krstic, Ms. Radmila Mi¹ev, editor of the magazine "Ideology bells", and author of Archimandrite Aleksej Bogicevic. The first participants of forums and everyone welcomed Bishop Jovan, expressing gratitude to all those who had gathered in the court of the Bishop of the Diocese ¹umadijske, pointing out to us tonight in this House assembled, collected, assembled, book Archimandrite Alexy "Deèanske and other witnesses." This is a book to us in these troubled times inspires confidence, because in this book has a lot of you know, that one can fully depict the time he lived in the then young novice Milomir, the current Aleksej, Decani brotherhood and the conditions in which she lived the whole Deèanska sacred. This book by Archimandrite Aleksej tried and I would literally able to convey and gives rich experience of Christian love, which he acquired in his vows, Decani monastery, a next life Holy King. He found that in the Orthodox faith, and what is very important in the monastic experience. Father Alexei lived at a time when the ideology of that time and many people in this ideology, thought and even written, when they wanted to present what some monasteries, or rather to intimidate those who want to come to the monastery, but said that monasteries, "they are not close, but they are, that an asylum, they are not, but they are." Now imagine the impact that had on those who want to come to the monastery. However, they forgot to say that the monasteries were our spiritual hospital. Our nation's drug contained in them his soul and found a way and the strength to endure, to keep the faith and its name. There is about. Alexei studied and worked hard, and seeing the miraculous healing from life Stefan of Decani, how God through the relics of Deèanskog perform miracles and how God through miracles to, and not a small number, which is about. Alexei suffered the video, he is the video that God is no respecter of when, not by the nation, not religion. God was giving healing both Orthodox and non-Orthodox. And this is one of the pillars of its findings, the attachment to endure and to be held in to what the Lord has appealed to be a monk. Through this miraculous healing, he could not really pronounced, and that assures himself and others that "God divan in his saints." In addition to these holy shrines Decani on. Alexei is a blessing to just grow up in the Decani monastic community, keeping the spiritual leader of the famous igumane. Macarius and Justin. These two have long known. In our times the Decani Monastery and Studenica Monastery, considered fraternal house. I would like if I could introduce you how feted Studenièka brotherhood in the monastery Decani, and how Decani monastery brotherhood feted in Studenica. It was a treat to listen to the old man and the old man Julian Makarija how comforting one another and courageous, because it was not easy to be a monk in these troubled times. So, you old men, and Justin Makarije been a major strength of our soul Alexei. This book is about. Aleksej tried and failed to break away from oblivion characters of these elders and the whole brotherhood of Decani, and I thank him from the heart of what this is written. Father Zoran Krstic said that when he received the book, he saw that this unusual book and my presentation will be unusual, in the form of associations. In this book, we have a kind of history of an era. This history is specific, whether it's just a fact, and facts, no, it is told through the history of the people and through their experience of church and life. The first association is that when I saw the title of the book "Deèanske story," I remembered the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric, who said that people tell stories to people and these stories constantly ongoing since the man appeared. In all generations to tell stories and they all love stories and love to tell stories. In all these stories like that one topic, and it's a story about people. The main theme of people and their destinies, ie. man. Other associations is that all the stories in this book are stories of people and all these people are like a monastery, and this is most important. I thank the. Alexis and Mrs. Mi¹ev the effort they gave us this warm book about people who loved monastery. The organizer of this book Radmila Mi¹ev said that they were often asked whether this book was written under the influence of the book "Holy, holy and not" I said I was not. Our story in this book is Zavras 90 - in those years, however Decani story continues to last. What we could not know, some have sensed what will be, and we were very sad when it was new brotherhood, when they left the father of Justin and Alexei, however, is a marvelous providence of God, we are young, there were a lot, and it was a way to survive the monastery, that there was 37 of them young, healthy and strong monks, which can maintain the property, a church that serves constantly department, who knows what would have happened, it is this constant Decani story. Today it is difficult, they are extremely difficult, but it's nothing new. I am growing in Decani, in these Deèanski stories, and it's somewhere, formed my view of the world, a way of writing and the manner of operation and that "Ideology bells" fruit of that seed sown in the end detinjstvu.Na father Aleksej he did not know whether this book is perfect, not perfect for sure, but I know that it works wonders. In what way? Thanks to this book I and Mrs. mice, we see that our people emerge, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the people described in this book and come on promotions, is it not a miracle. Thanks to them we return to Metohija and the places where we Radmila me. She made me write this book, and the book saw the light of day on Holy Saturday 2014. This is the second edition, I hope it will be a third, updated edition. In this book are described Decani monks or those whom I knew, were not Decani monks. These are wonderful people that I wore in years myself, and I simply felt like some kind of dug them into a book that you do not forget, I believe that the Lord wrote them in the book of life, that is important, but it would be sorry because we transient people something to remember. Google преводилац за предузећа:Алатке за преводиоцаПреводилац веб сајтоваДетектор нових тржишта


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