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Spiritual words Sv.Makarije The Great

With St. Anthony the Great and the desert fathers whose sayings are written in Starečniku work of St. Macarius of Egypt - who was named Grand Orthodox Church - is one of the pillars on which rests the spirituality of the Church of the East. Announcing the first time in the Serbian language, part of the lighthouse Christ, we believe that it will help many people to find the way of true devotion that leads to eternal life. The largest Serbian teachers from St. Sava to Father Justin Popovic inspired the teachings of St. Macarius and tried to fulfill what he bequeathed all Orthodox Christians. CONTENT OF THE HOLY MAKARIJE LARGE DUHOVNE 1 text interpretation ALLEGORICAL vision which describes Ezekiel, 7 2 of the kingdom of darkness, ie. sin, about the fact that only God can make us break away from the darkness and to free us from the bondage of unholy prince, 16 3rd The fact that the brothers would each need to live in purity, simplicity, love and peace, and to fight the battle will be fought only with inner thoughts, 19 4. To Christians deign heavenly praise of God and the angels, must be carefully and meticulously manage your fight in the arena of the world, 23 5. There is a difference between Christians and people of the world: one, keeping himself in the spirit world, in the heart and mind are bound earthly bonds, while others want the love of heavenly Father and his only have to subject all its desire, 6. 39 should be those who want to please God, pray in peace, bezmolviju, gentleness and wisdom to avoid asking the blatant loud, everyone became a stumbling block. In this word, there are two questions: Are the thrones and wreaths veštastvene creations? What does the twelve thrones Israel ?, 55 7 O Christ snishođenju to man. This word also contains within itself a few questions and answers, 59 8. On what happens to the Christians at the time when prayer form and the measures of perfection, ie. on whether Christians to reach a perfect measure, 63 9. The fact that the divine promises and prophecies fulfilled in different trials and temptations, and to the wicked shall deliver from the temptations of those who are committed to the only God, 67 10. The fact that the gifts divine grace preserve and multiply humility and usrdnošću, and to lose their pride, and sloth 73 11. the fact that the power of the Holy Spirit in the heart of Man like fire; More about what we need to differentiate thought occurring in the heart, but also about the dead snake that Moses was nailed to the top of the tree and that served like an image of Christ. This word contains the two interviews: one conversation with Christ the evil Satan, a second interview with sinners, Satan, Adam 76 12 O state before he transgressed the commandment of God, and after he lost his own heavenly character. This word has several useful questions, 85 13. About what kind of fruit God requires of Christians, 94 14. The fact that those who are devoted to God thought and mind, do it in the hope that it will enlighten the eyes of their hearts to God udostojava such that in holiness and purity of the greatest approaches Sv. Secrets and gives them His grace; also about what should we do, we want to get some of the heavenly riches, and finally that the apostles and prophets, like sun rays that pass through window. In addition, the word is taught and what is satanic and what angelic country - because both intangible and invisible, 95 15. This word contains in itself a learning extensively about it, true healer inner man, it can heal and that it is the soul decorations grace Apparel, 152 21 a Christian imminent battle double, internal and external; the latter consists in the removal of earthly pastime, while the first place in my heart and keep up with the thoughts that lead us unclean spirits, 156 22 O twofold condition of those who go out of this life, 159 23 As imperial and precious gem can carry only those who are born by caesarean seed, and the heavenly pearl can only carry čeda God's 160 Meter 24 is similar to the sale of Christians and yeast. As traders summed earthly gain, and Christians summed thought, scattered all over this century. And as the yeast of all sour dough, as well as of sin yeast penetrates into Adam's entire rod, or in faithful Christ soul graded celestial yeast delicacies, 162 25. This word indicates that no man, unless stiffened Christ, is unable to overcome the temptations of the devil, and shows that it is imperative that we yearn for the celestial glory; Moreover, it teaches that we are through Adam's disobedience began slaves to bodily passions, and from this bondage delivers the secret coffin; Finally, the word shows how large the force and tear of the divine fire, 166 26 O dignity, skupocenosti, emergency and action immortal soul and how the soul tempted of Satan, and how it delivers from temptation. Here are added and some very instructive questions, 172 27 This sermon ends with a lengthy reasoning begun in previous, and talks about the dignity of man and state-Christian; It teaches many useful things related to free will, prisajedinjujući it and some questions, filled with divine wisdom, 185 28 In this word describes the accident and cries of the soul, as sin because God does not dwell in it; also talks about John the Baptist, that is. that none of those born of woman is not bigger than him, 197 29 Sharing the benefits to humankind, God executed in two ways, with what will look just judgment of its fruits, 201 30. In order to enter the Kingdom of God, the soul must be born of the Spirit Spirit and about the way in which this is happening, 205 31 Believing should be changed in your mind and in God gather all think about what is actually composed the entire service of God, 210 32. Glory Christians already residing in their souls at the time of the resurrection it will demonstrate and celebrate the body, according to the custom of their blagočašća, 214 33. We must constantly and fervently pray to God, 220 34. o glory of Christians to be [and glory] of the resurrection dignify their bodies, About what kind of change and renewal in what a Christian man executed Christ, Who heals mental passions and diseases, 250 45. The fact that man can heal only the coming of Christ, not a skill or the wealth of this world. In this word points to the many relationships of man with God, 255 46. About the difference between the word of God and the words of the world, between God's darlings and darlings of the world, 259 47 allegorical interpretation of what happened under the law, 262 48. O perfect faith God, 270 49. There is not enough reason to give up the pleasures of this man if the world will participate in the bliss of Ages, 273


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