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The secret of confession-Arhimadrit Lazar Abasidze

The Lord Jesus is speaking to His disciples, "I tell you the same: Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you tore the country will be razdriješeno in heaven" (Mt. 18, 18). And elsewhere Savior dunuvši said to the Apostles: "If you forgive the sins, they are forgiven; and which hold it, have been retained "(John. 20, 21-23). The apostles were carrying out the will of the Lord this power handed over to their successors, the Pastors of the Church of Christ, and to this day every believer who sincerely professes Orthodox and Orthodox priest from his sins through his prayers can not get their dismissal, forgiveness and their full release. This is the essence of repentance Secrets. In order to achieve this secret is necessary: ​​by penitents - sincere repentance for sins, the desire to leave sin, that it is not repeated, Secret Confessions of a religion that has the power to cleanse and wash the sins of priests through prayer that he sincerely repented. A necessary condition is also a confession that receives Orthodox priest, a true servant of Christ Church, which only keeps the fullness of the blessings that God has bestowed. Although the Secret Baptism a Christian receives forgiveness of all my sins, further life in constant struggle with sin dwells not without temporary defeat, falls and departures influenced by external offended and their own passion. It is therefore necessary that every sinner as often as possible confessing their sins. But what is it that would in particular should encourage us to confession, what thoughts and reflections invite believers to immediately resort to this sacred secret? First of all, those are the spiritual torment, pain and suffering in the soul that causes every sin and every transgression. As a toothache sometimes prevents the man quietly doing his job and completely exhausted and tortured, deprived of sleep and rest, and so far the sinful soul darkens the whole life of man, deprives him of spiritual joy, peace and good cheer. We often do not remember the sins committed mind, even we barely aware that it is a sin, and the soul clearly remembers feeling inside his poison, bother, pain, suffering, and the whole man is filled with a kind of sadness, worry and boredom. The sins and crimes that have accumulated, which are not removed from the conscience (not only a great sins but also many small) it loaded so that one begins to feel a strange fear, it seems to him to give him every time certainly happen something bad, or suddenly falling into some kind of nervous crisis, irritability, often feel discomfort, no inner strength, as he was not fit to rule themselves and USSS It is not often I do not understand the reason of what is happening, and that's what the man's conscience lie neispoveđeni sins. By the grace of God, these painful feelings remind us of them, so that we encourage such a poor state of our souls become aware that it is necessary to leave it ististnemo all the poison, or to turn Secret Confessions and in order to deliver us from all those pains that await each sinner, that is not clean here, in this life, after the Judgment of God. That sin is already a troubling Judgment, fire and exhausts man speaks for itself. This means that sin has the capacity to torment, tears, bites, burns, destroys and squeeze the soul, and where sinners are their sins after the end of the world this characteristic sins will infinitely expand and intensify, so this torment now the country is only gentle warning,


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 August, 2015.
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