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Beauty virginity

Speaking about health addressed sick man hopeful that it will get better and runs it will to fight their disease. Enslaved people of angry enemies word about freedom, about its beauty and possibilities that entails, inspires the desire and strength to rise in revolt against okulatora, to fight against him regardless of his power and cruelty and regardless of the sacrifices that will in this struggle submitted. The word about the beauty of virginity nation and generation in which the immorality of every kind has reached frightening proportions, it sounds strange, but not hopeless. Mild words of Christ addressed to his wife sinners, caught in adultery: Go and sin no more, they were her life-saving. The voice of a gentle Master and His wondrous science of the kingdom of heaven and beauty of paradise, brought a woman prostitute into the house of Simon the leper, where is the end of the leg Isusonih prinela repentance and received forgiveness. The word apostle Panl that does good is he who marries his girlfriend, but that makes it better the one who is not married, has enriched the Church of a large number of virgins and devstnenika still in the early centuries Hrnšćanstva. Words of devetsvu and virginity, his splendor and glory, as the first examples of pure and denstvenog life, enchanted and attracted thousands of believers of both sexes to create their own salvation. It is a known psychological fact that most people are saying, dream or think about what they are missing. The people in slavery the most telling and dreams of freedom, its beauty and value. A hungry man dreams continuously, and when he is awake and when asleep, bread and various edible. The poor, who in his pocket does not have a penny, she talks or thinks about money. Soggy and chilled traveler dreams of warm hearth and a dry bed and so on. Examples of this kind could be challenged indefinitely. Just these examples is explained by the fact that right here and now, in our time and the people, there suddenly appears and knjnga about virginity, about the greatness of pure and moral life. Does not this tell us today that you miss the most? The book that is before us is an unusual and, in its content, and its origin. The writers of this book are sacred Gregory of Nyssa, and St. Gregory the Theologian, St. John Chrysostom and St. Athanasius the Great, the largest Orthodox theologians and virgins (except Crucified Gregory of Nyssa) of the fourth century, and interpreters Serbian language - Hilandar monks. Bearing all this in mind, it is clear in itself to write the foreword to a book like this, and even on such a delicate subject, such as virginity, is not an easy thing, especially in our time, in which many terms have lost their right značelje. However, the fact that the Holy Fathers in what his time, which we call the "Golden Age of Christianity," and those "last festival times," strength to this very important topic for all time, to present their views and Christian teaching, and that our fathers Hilandarac in our time next svenoćnih vigils and masses of monastic obligations regarding maintenance and prosperity of the monastery, smog fnzičke and spiritual strength to translate into Serbian, for our people and our time this immortal sbetootačka work, gave me the will and strength, that despite all the obligations that accompany the episcopal ministry, I write these few words in the foreword to this edition, and to warmly recommend everyone to read the works of spiritual benefit. The lines of this book will be used for monks and nuns of our time to persevere on their way devstvenog and pure life pleasing to God which were Tyres. It will help, hope, and our young people and adults who have hit the opposite way and surrendered to the body of desire, that even in moments of solitude, when they are alone with this book, feel the beauty of what until now they did not know ( pure virgins life) and that they wanted those wreaths and rewards that God has promised to clean. From that how (and when) our people spiritually and morally recover will depend on our future here on earth, but in heaven for eternity. The only works that goal was invested tremendous effort in the translation and printing of the book. We believe that the fruits of this effort n victims will not fail. Bishop Artemije raškoprizrenski


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