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Srbce always sings to God

The group of Serbs was born in 2013 in the Holy Trinity Monastery in Bijelo Polje, at the suggestion of our old man Simon, who is the author of two published books of poetry, Monaška Brojanica 1, and Monaška Brojanica 2, and in preparation is also Monaška Brojanica 3 ... he wanted these songs to be sung with guitar accompaniment and to surrender to our children and youth ... That's how our first CD came out, Srbce singing to God with 17 songs from which at first and finally psalms were David's, and the second and the last song were from sv. the bishops of Nikolaj Velimirović songs from the Ohrid Prologue for the Little and the Great Lady ... Other songs from Monaška Count 1, Shi Monaha Simona ... After a warm reception and several successful concerts at the Bogotražitelj club, in the home of the Vaznesenjska church and the church of Sts. Jovana Vladimira also released our second CD, which we called Srbče again singing to God. And there are two songs from St. Bishop Nikolai from the Ohrid Prologue, dedicated to St. the great martyrs of Marini and the passing Mary of the Egyptians, and the rest are from the shi monk Simone from both books of the Monastic Countess ... In these songs, with both CDs, we sing about St. avi Justin Popovic, sv. Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic, Julian Knezevic, iguman Studenica, avi Kalist, spiritual priest of Sts. Bishop Nikolai, father Simeon from Studenica, father Dionysius, librarian of the Peja Patriarchy, father of Teofil from the Kaona Monastery, on prayer, condemnation, and so on. The first members of the band were protosindjel Serafim Petkovic, who is also the composer of these songs and participates in the voice and guitar, Branko Trijić, who graduated from the academy in Amsterdam for guitar, in the group playing guitar-lele or uku-lele and together with his father Seraphim's arranger these songs, or otherwise a member of several famous groups in Serbia, such as Trio Sveti, with Vasil Hadžimanov, Consilium, Dr. Branko and the children of bad musicians, and others, Nela Popović, a long time protopsaltis of the singer of the monastery of St. Trojica, participates with her extraordinary voice, and children's choir, Marko, Lazar, Milica, Sara and Jovan Popovic, all from Vranic, and Sara Krstic from Ljubovija ... All members are spiritual children and grandchildren of Father Seraphim. After the release of two CDs, numerous concerts went on, in addition to the above-mentioned three places in Belgrade, each year an annual humanitarian concert was held in the Army House, several concerts in Pirot, Arandjelovac, Krusevac, Kragujevac, Petrovaradin, Zvornik, Ljubovija, Bajna Bašta, Uzice Hospital, Valjevo and many other places ... And in Belarus there were performances in Pinsk, at the Orthodox fair, in Minsk, at the Orthodox fair, at the sister meeting in the monastery of St.Jelisaveta, at the State Glas 2014 festival in October, in the church of St. Nikolai Japanski and in Bogoslovija in Minsk ... In the following year, our 3rd CD comes out, Srbče always sings to God, on which one song is from St. John. Bishop Nikolai from the Ohrid Prologue dedicated to St. Zosimu is one of the poems on the Russian S. Behthev about the suffering of the Imperial family and the Russian people. The rest of the songs of our old man Simone ... There are also songs about St. Siluan Atonsky, two poems about St. Romans, a song about the avi to Moses, the proigue of the Hilandar monastery, about St. Nikanoru Hilandarcu, the Australian and Oceania Enlightener, Father Savi, the reconstructor of the Podmajina Monastery, Father Rafail and others ... Also, the fourth CD comes out, "We need Christ, not the time better." This is just a singing CD, prepared and recorded by Nela Popovic and Zeljka Varagic and arranged on the topics of Bogomolje songs, the song of Simon's father from both Monagi Counties. There are again numerous concerts in Belgrade in all mentioned places, in Vrsac, two charity concerts in Trsic near Loznica, Loznica, Sabac, Cacak, Ribnica Monastery near Mionica, Podgorica in the temple of Christ Spas, Monastery Several times in Herceg Novi, in East Sarajevo, in Pale several times, at the Book Fair in Belgrade, again in Pinsk and Minsk, at the fairs, again at the State Glas Festival in October 2015, the monastery of St. Jelisavete, Minsk, Church of St. Nikolai Japanski, Minsk ... Then comes the Children's CD in the form of a booklet with illustrations and notes and chords for all the songs ... There are two new songs that appear, Srbče wants to marry, and Little Children love Avin Justin ... The rest are collected with the first three CDs, all children's songs, and so published as a special CD. There were numerous guest appearances at the radio stations Slova Ljubve, Boom, Bum radio, radio Svetigori, studio B, BN television and television Temple in the show Pletenica, two concerts in the Vaznesenjska church, one of which was played by a concert CD, called Srbče: Concert in The Vasnovnja church, then a large concert at the Minsk Philharmonic Orchestra, with about 800 spectators, together with the group Pirg and Nebojsa Mastilovic as soloist with his songs, and a children's choir from the oldest music school in Minsk. From there, there is a DVD recording of the whole concert ... There is another concert in Vienna attended by more than 500 people in two days, two concerts in Petrovac on Mlavi, one humanitarian and in the church of St. Jovana Vladimir ... There were also two smaller concerts in Greece, on the island of Evia in a children's holidaymaker. In addition, a new member, Zoran Ivk


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