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Exposition of the monastic experiment - old man Josif Isihasta

THE CONTENT Hello letter, 5 Foreword, 7 Life in subconsciousness, 16 About this edition, 24 LETTER TO MONASIM AND MIRJANA A young man who is inquiring about prayer, 27 The same person, about prayer, and answer questions, 30 The monk who entered the arenas, 33 My dear, if you pay attention to what I write to you, 38 Do not mess with only leaves, 42 You're writing about a wrath in the heart of a fool, 44 Listen to something that happened to me, 47 Are not you going to endure all this for my love ?, 52 The creator dunted into you and gave you the spirit of life, 54 Blessing always precedes temptation as a warning to prepare, 60 I found many fathers in acting and putting together, 64 Thus the mind becomes all the light, all the air, 68 God's grace does not depend on man's age, 71 It is truly a great secret of listening, 73 So you will not listen to me, and come back ?, 76 When you get up on Golgot, it's inevitable that you fall, 80 Do not leave your place at the time of temptation, 83 I got up again and brought war with all (evil) ghosts, 87 Repeat whenever you make a mistake and do not waste time, 90 Do not despair! That happens to everyone !, 92 Whether it is big or small, sin is erased by true repentance, 95 So, you do not want to suffer? Then do not even want to get up !, 97 The rod is the antidote for every passion, 100 That evening, God showed me the devil satanic, 102 The senses cease to act, and the person is abducted in the syringe, 105 Sister in the Lord and most common Igumania, 108 I pursue God; I do not care what people think, 112 A monk preparing to receive the world of angel shim, 115 Blessed is the God who mortals while still in the body, rises to the life of the Bestelles, 117 Without the will of God, we can neither get sick nor die, 121 From now on, the world has died for you and you died for the world, 127 Maleness is the mother of intolerance, 131 I can not describe to you how pleasant and purposeful the Prosperous Mother of God enjoys, 135 These changes, my own, are happening to each of us, 138 Prayer is interrupted, the limbs die, and only the mind is merged within the dazzling light, 142 Circular prayer within the heart never threatens to repel, 148 It is to me that, for the sake of love for you and for your mental benefit, I will briefly describe your life, 153 Beloved my mother, with all my brothers, relatives and friends, 162 Beloved my sister, rejoice in the Lord, 166 God always helps and always comes in time, but suffering is necessary, 171 Soon the spring will disappear and a little-disappear from the winter of distress, 175 My sister, that is art of science and science, 178 I really knew the brother who was in the shower while sitting in the night of the full moon, 182 Be careful, my dear daughter, because you are already grown up and thought to be starting to change, 186 Rejoice in the Lord, my beloved and beloved son, 189 This world, my fellow, is convincing, 190 We have chosen Heavenly Philosophy here, 192 Listen to my voice, my good son, 193 My life went through pain and illness, 197 Who, my God, has met the judgments of God ?, 199 Blessed is the one who recounts death day and night, and is preparing to meet her, 201 But it's me, crushed and poor! What kind of response will I give in the Court's time ?, 202 Oh, my dear, a man is never quite bad !, 205 Life in the desert implies different battles, while life in the world implies a multitude of different types of combat, 207 They teach them all to pray, to continually pronounce prayer, 209 The one who created centuries and who existed centuries ago, in the deep silence created the heavenly powers, holy angels, 214 Bogosloviste are unconscious gods, these beautiful walls, as does the nature of nature, 217 About the priest who smokes, 219 We will hear a joyful fifth voice, 220 Make sure you come back here again, 223 Oh, you cunning saint! Oh, lying human roots! There is nothing good in you !, 225 I'll write a short composition for my son, 227 We do not have a wedding gown, and so we have to cleanse, 229 The heart does not accept being divided. You only worship God and serve Him alone, 231 Please distract this pain from your soul, 234 When a man confesses, his soul is cleansed and depicted with a brilliant diamond, 236 This shows that your life is rich, 238 If you do not renounce the sin, everything you do will be futile, 239 Do not doubt it's time to wear the shimu world, 240 Christ is the beginning and the end of each good, 241 Make a good start, so that the end is good, 242 Everything should be accompanied by a steady, continuous mindful prayer, 244 The many-dimensional Christ does not require much of you, 246 The more you love, she loves you more, 248 Lay a hundred pairs to lay a thousand gold coins, 250 Be careful and fear, and run away from sin, 252 If you read the Zitia of the saints and if you make a little effort during the night, 253 You will reach great scale without much effort and effort, 255 May all mental aspirations be covered by God, 257 Once you love God, then you will love your neighbor as yourself, 258 I will not go anywhere. I'll sleep here with my own eyes, 260 MISSING ISIHASTI PUSTINJAKU Letter to the Saint Gregory


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