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When you celebrate it and helps

376 About this book The book that the reader has in his hands is the occasion of the millennial significance of the patron saint of the Serbs. It deals not only fame, but also our religious traditions, a brief gives an overview of basic religious truth that every Orthodox Christian in our people should know. Patron saint is St. Sava expression of spirituality, what the Holy Bishop Nikolaj called "Orthodoxy Srbskog style and experience." But svetosavlje is primarily and above all, Christian faith, which is found at all) a normal expression of our people. Professor of the Theological Faculty of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Teodor Titov, Russia, which is in the magazine "Svetosavlje" in 1934 wrote the first programmatic article on this topic, noted, inter alia, the following: Svečovečanska Savina ideology can not be Pan-Slavic philetism. Sveti Sava was delighted panpravoslavac. Over the years of its operations in Serbia Enlightenment spent in traveling to Greece, the Holy Land, Egypt and Bulgaria. The main aim of the trip was keeping, strengthening and maintaining the closest relationship and possibly even unity among the various local Orthodox Churches / ... / and only svetosavlje could to save and preserve the Serbian tribe perennialism during his captivity, which occurred as the result of the Kosovo disaster. This means svetosavlje not ethnophiletism but svečovečanske fledged expression of the essence of Christianity. The famous Serbian philosopher and theologian, Dr. Dimitrije Najdanović, who also did a lot on the interpretation of Saint Sava, says: "Our Church confesses one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. He never occurred to me to profess some sort of "St. Sava church. / ... / No Serb has since time immemorial to this day married in the name of Saint Sava care of the Holy Trinity. Neither communicant most holy and refine the body of St. Sava, but Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In a word, no holy sacrament is not performed in the name of Saint Sava / ... / At least the Holy Savi came to mind "svetosavlje". He was primarily Athonite's entire Orthodox Orthodoxy ". St. Justin cell, in turn, the "St. Sava as a philosophy of life," clearly says: "When our people first ustumarala soul at the crossroads between two worlds, Sveti Sava took her firmly by the God-man Christ. To him, she was blind; through it, she's seen the light and seen the eternal truth and the eternal meaning of life. From death, he turned to our soul immortal, vremenog of the Eternal, of the human Bogočovečnom ". A Santa Claus Žički in his lecture "Nationalism Saint Sava" says: "Sava became internationalist than nationalist evangelical rays. And later, as an old man he did not give that to reach his heart chauvinism and exclusivism towards other nations, near and distant, but he offered his help to every nation on earth God wherever he came and where he could. This non-exclusive and wide-mail spirit (respect nap. Ed.) And love for all peoples inherited the Serbian nation of its saints and held him at the height of honor and svetosavske through long centuries ". So be St. Sava Serbian Orthodox svečovečanski means to be a Christian. Therefore, this book starts with one particular religious education, entitled "The Serb is Christ," which is the word of the Holy Deacon Habakkuk, a martyr for the faith, said the Turks when they wanted to translate it into the Islam that would have spared your life. But Christ had been dearer than life. "Srb Christ's" religious instruction given to us, through his lectures, he left the high priest of the late 20th century, the blessed Bishop of Budim Danilo (Krstic). We are in this book bring you through a series of answers to questions that they all have an interest in God and the soul can be set. We are grateful brother in Christ Mirko Nanico who provided typed notes from his lectures. In the chapter "When the Serbs and how her faith," we are dealing with several issues concerning Srbskog religious act the way our people have responded to the call of Christ to the Church. Since the Serbian glory of one of the most joyous holidays, whether we interpret meaningful celebrations, explain whether the link between traditional arable calendar our patriarchal civilization and the holiday calendar of the Church, a picture of Serbian folk piety offered to lead the way in which our man received Holy Communion on Easter, experiencing, according to Milovan Danojlić God as "Masters of wholesale and incomprehensible. "Our patron had its development of so-called." praslav, "what is a thousand years ago, celebrated Duke Ivac around Ohrid, through the medieval period, when her Sveti Sava gives the present embodiment, to the present day. Against the patron saint fought preverice, former Serbs, who are killing their compatriots, sought to kill their memory of treason. I communists wanted to destroy our memory Slava in Christ, but they succeeded. What do our Slava traditions? After in-depth interpretation of this family ritual, which gives us the Bishop Nikolaj, offered a series of testimonies about the multiplicity of Serbian glory, indicating the depth of the soul, which thank the Lord for all his benefits. From various parts slavoslovni hear the voices of Serbs. Since the glory gathers family, are given the names of relatives and species used in najporodičnijem people in the Balkans, we have, alas, began to forget. Detailed practical guide for the celebration of the slave is given in the text of the late Bishop of Branicevo Chrysostom (Vojinovića), entitled "Why and how to celebrate." Has been answered numerous questions of what is the glory of how our ancestors revered patron saint, from where the feast of the game, what is needed to prepare for the celebration of the glory, how to make a cake and wheat ...


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