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Uzvišenost sveštenosluženja

I remembered the old days to be educated in all thy works, O Lord (Ps.142,5). One priest of God, poor in spirit, and sickly body (Ps.68,30), due to the inability nailed with a hearse, involuntary recluse in my cell, provođaše sleepless nights, in which "examines the patience of victims." Stopping attention to the words of St. Psalmopojca, he remembered something from his old days 33 years ago, finishing the course in T. Seminary (1860 g.), Seminarians (and on, their friend) were written composition on the topic: "The priesthood is not a profession but voluntary martyrdom ". He can not remember how he was then put across yourself this question. However, to their shame, it seems that he had not understood and not understood the topic: on the surface solved, and without understanding, since it is not earnestly studied the Word of God (ie, daily interest bogoljubaca - Ps.118,97) just as the priests' creations (ie. Divine wisdom hidden room) is not read. Are today these young men who have been raised for good - theologians (ie. As priests)? Do they know each other from childhood awareness files (2.Tim.3,15)? Do you earnestly read the Holy Bible, so necessary for their future ascetic life in the priesthood? Are they familiar with the works of the Holy Fathers? You lived almost his eyelids, he told himself that priest. Counted were the character of the servant Christ, which sveštenosluže Gospel God (Rim.15,16), [the character] Christ manager secret (1.Kor.4,1). Now, however, reconciling with its rival (ie. A conscience), by long-suffering Merciful judges, while you're on the road with him (Mt.5,25), but you expect that heavenly home manager will soon seek you to put your account on the management of the house , since due to infirmity and disease, and more for your sins, you can not manage it (Lk.16,2-3). Now, however, would be that, with God's help, which shows the impotence (2.Kor.12,9) solve this question, custom reason given you by God, who is the Lord of reason (1.Car 2.3 ), ie. to expose the extent to which the clergy dobronoljno martyrdom. Well, first turn the mind to look past his life in the act of God's priest. Do not sullen your head, realizing the impossibility to justify before the High Priest of the good things (Jev.9,11)? Did you give him, the custom of human powerlessness, was eligible, ie. world nezlobljiv, clean, separate from sinners (Jev.7,26)? Are you going into the Holy of Holies sacrificial love the Lord bloodless victims, approached a large clerical work with a true heart, cleansed from an evil conscience (Jev.10,22)? No, Lord, have mercy on me, because I am powerless (Ps.b, 3). Making supplication, prayers, answered, thanksgiving for all men, for kings, and for all who are in authority (1 Tim. 2.1 to 2), if you're a martyr in the heart of the contrite, zlopateći as a good soldier of Christ, who does not receive wreath, if you can not fight a rule (2.Tim.2,3-5), and as conscious of many sins in his conscience and his unworthy predstajanja? Are you my brethren in Christ, whom you have set for the father and teacher, could, according to the apostolic words, not saying, be imitators of me, brothers, students, darlings my spirit, as I think of Christ (1.Kor.4, 16; 11.1)? Holy will of the great High Priest of the Lord Jesus Christ (Jev.4,14) was blagougodno to, beat and unworthy, to include in his character of priest. Upcoming terrible before the throne of God and thinking that none of the related physical lust and pleasures is worthy to approach or to move closer to the Emperor fame, on calmly prayed mildness to him to purified conscience of the dead works, in order to serve a decent living God and is true (Jev.9,14), and to be the injustice its merciful and that no mention of the sin and his iniquity (JeB.8, 12), to forgive and not to mention the sins of his youth and ignorance (Ps.24,7). It's better to be decided by the impendence throne of grace, than unworthy access it. Many councils and your servants, the svesveti Lord, who shall abide in the saints, of serenity did not dare to approach the throne of thy terrible ... Did the Lord, who does not want the death of sinners, but to repent and be alive (Jez.33 11), listened to his prayer? Due to its weakness and illness you had not sveštenoslužiš. "You, who do not expect a justification of their (good) deeds, can only hope to štědrost God" (Venerable Nilus of Sinai, Letter 14, Book 1). Many early cope sinner (Ps.31,9) and the Lord indicated by (Jez.7,9) for his salvation, as the prodigal son. For whom the Lord loves what i kara; and beats every son whom He receives. If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons (Jev.12,6-7). And you, poor sinner, calming and diseases and infirmities, the Lord loves you and wants your salvation. Patiently suffer involuntary Skorba, but when you're not worthy of it, as a priest, being a voluntary martyr for Christ. Therefore, the steady-humble feelings its demerits in front of the faith of High Priest, Lord Jesus Christ (Jev.3,1) approaches [finally] solving that theme. Take it into the hands of two mirrors: the Word of God and the work of the Holy Fathers. Looking at them, find a priest faces of God, voluntary martyr for God and fellow men. He opened his priestly Bible, the priest was on the first cover page as a reminder found a note: "We, Orthodox Christians should have in mind and remember that we have a book of books, containing pure truth, ie. the world of the Bible, the priceless gift of God, which is with the pious to be to respect and love each other. We need the Lord to Thanks for it, teaching it day and night and assimilating his life on it. Approaching the listening and reading, we should show deep respect and cleanse the mind of conceited thought. in reading, we need to be careful and to understand, that we accept the heart and showed an intention to [read] meet, thanks to God that we were fed. [Finally], we should pray for the power to accomplish to learn "(Bishop Theophan, Letter of Christian life, Volume 4, p. 164). He opened his Gospel, he also came to remember and record: "The priests book is the mother of all learning. It is a prayer of the prayers and the way of leader to the kingdom of heaven, and the people who live in the land nearing the knowledge of the truth. It seems that they are still in the body udostojavaju that God can see the heart, and that in the future Ages worthy to be face to face delight sladosnim vision of the Holy Trinity "(Jeroshimonah Partenije Kiev, Life). Leafing through his Holy Bible, he found [confirm] The Word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, and penetrating to the distribution and soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and judges the intentions and thoughts of the heart. And no matter unknown to him before, but everything is naked and revealed before his eyes (Jev.4,12-13). Opening the book Wise saints Isaak width, it reads: "Often without knowing the satiety, read the books teachers (ie. The holy fathers) of the foreknowledge of God. For, one guided by the mind to consideration of the order in the creations and works of God, ukrepljuju him in thinness by preparing for the acquisition svetlozarnih thoughts, and make the (unmistakable) purity shall come to the knowledge of the substance of God. Read the Holy Gospel, which is God bequeathed working knowledge of the entire universe, in order to understand the power of God's promise of every tribe, and to your mind absorbed in the wonder of God "(Acts, pp. 407-408). In such mirrors, which as bright as the sun of God (because the eyes of the Lord thousands of times brighter than the sun - Sir.23,27), ie. the light of Christ, which enlightens everyone, can see the character of voluntary martyr of Christ, ie. the priest. CONTENTS Abbot Tikhon SVETO and lifted on serving PRIEST OF GOD (laic and monk) as a voluntary martyrdom Preface 9 And the priest of God should lead a life worthy of their high positions, 13 II Names priest of God, 17 III accordance with the names, and the life of priest should be holy, 18 IV Life priest should be ravnoanđelski, 30 V Life priest should be prayerful 38 VI sacred image of the priest of God, educated in the Pastoral Letter of the apostle Paul, 56 VII Life priests of God should be hristopodoban and full of self-denial, 83 VIII Life priest of God should be filled with mutual love and peace, 99 IX priest of God should teach other. Therefore themselves should earnestly study the word of God and the Holy Fathers, 107 Conclusion, 112 St. John Chrysostom about the ministry of the Word first 117 words of 126 Beseda third, 135 word fourth, 156 Word fifth, 170 Word sixth, 176 Detailed information on the book Title:


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