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Saint Seraphim of Sarov (hard link) - The prophet of love of God

The second edition of the most comprehensive and most complete book about Saint Seraphim Sarovsky in Serbian. A lot of new testimonies and miracles, as well as biographies of saints related to him - from Matthias Alexandra to Wildean Soldiers. Big secrets of Divje's today are closer than ever. How is the end of the Holy Land end? How has a channel renewed that the Antichrist will not pass? What are the old man's prophecies? The content Mitropolit Venjamin Fedchenkov TEMPLATED LIGHTNER VARIOUS PREPARED SERAFIM SAROVSKI Gava I - UNDER THE MAJOR COVER, 7 CHAPTER II - ON THE ROAD FOR SARS, 13 CHAPTER III - EXPERIENCE PROHOR, 16 CHAPTER IV - IN THE ANHIOSKOM CHINU, 25 Chapter V - FURTHER PASSENGER, 38 Chapter VI - CLOSING, 52 CHAPTER VII - AT THE HIGHWAY OF COMFORT, 64 CHAPTER VIII - LIVING DETECTION TO THE WORLD, 80 CHAPTER HH - DOES AN ADDITIONAL MUSES ALREADY? (Kazavle N. A. Motovilova), 101 Chapter H - BAĆUŠKA-STARAC, 104 Chapter XI - MONASTERY AND THE WORLD, 118 Chapter HI - BLAGOŠESTIVOST U SVETU, 134 Chapter HIII - RADOSNI PUTOVOĐA, 149 Gava HIV - A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, 164 Chapter HII - DIVNO DIVEEVO, 186 CHAPTER XIII - RESTORATION OF THE PRINCIPLE, 210 Head of HIV - ADVENTURE OF THE WORLD, 228 WONDERFUL EVIDENCE OF PROFESSIONAL POVERTY TO OCT SERAFIM, 243 TWO TURNING OF THE SAROVIC MIRACLE MOST FIRST TURNING OF THE WORLD POINTS OF A PREFABRICATED SERBS OF SAROVSKY, 253 REQUIRING THE WORLD MOSES PREP. SERAFS IN THE SAROVIC MONASTERY, 255 OTHER TURNING OF WORLD POINTS OF A PREFABRICATED SERBS OF SAROVSKY, 257 THE LITTLE OF THE WORLD POINTS OF A PREFABRICATED SERAF IN DIVINE 1991, 261 SAROVIC LESSONS OF PHYSOSOF ORNATIC FEMOBS SVETI SERAFIM - IDEAL LIFE IN CHRIST, 265 ON THE REVIEW OF THE HOLY SECRETS WORKING MEETING IN CHRIST WITH THE WORLD SERAFIM, 269 ABOUT LOVE, BY A MOTHER-CHRIST, WHO HAS GIVEN HIS WONDERFUL CHAD - WORLD SERAF, 271 ABOUT ABUSE OF MURDER, 274 O SMRENJU, 277 ABOUT THE BLESSED DEATH OF THE HOLY EARLY SERAF, 279 O ZNAČAJU HRAMA U RUSIJI, 283 LEGENDA ABOUT OLD SERAFIM SAROVSKY, CARA ALEKSANDER AND CARICA JELISAVETI ALEKSEJEVNOJ, 287 DIVE SHEETS 1. Ordering and daily life of the monastery, 295 FROM SAROVIC LIFE, 325 BLESSED ONISM, 331 BLAŽENA MARIJA IVANOVNA, 333 IN DANGERS AND DISASTERS, 337 SHNMONAHIN ANATOLIJA, 346 ABOUT THE ARHIEPISKOP PETR (ZVERJOV), 354 BLAŽEN A PELAGIJA IVANOVNA Kazati o Kristu radi srodnog podsjetnika Serafima-Divejevskog monastira Pelagije Ivanovoj Serebrennkoj, 366 JURODIVA PAŠA SAROVSKA the old woman and the whisperer of the Seraphim-Diveevsky Women's Monastery, 432 Alexey LJubomudrov PRAVEDNICA IZ PAZANSKE OSOBE, 435 PREFERRED ANTONIJA "GROŠEVNIK" FIRED PUBS OF DIVE FAMILY FAMILY THE CHANNING FACILITY OF THE DIVINE FAMILY OF SHIMONAHINJE ALEKSANDRA (MELGUNOVE; -1789), SHIMONAHINJE MARTE (Meljukovi; 1810-1829), MONAHINJE JELENE (Manturove; 1805-1832), 467 PREFERRED ALEKSANDRA, FIVE FAMILY FAMILY, 472 PREFERRED MARTA DIVEEVSKA, 478 PREFERRED YELLOW DIVE, 481 MISSED IN SAROVSKI STARS SERVICE SVETI TREĆI I FORTUNA MANTUROVIH, 489 J. I. Motovilova FROM NECOLAYA ALEKSANDROVICH'S MUSHROOM, 517 Serving N. A. Motovilova to the Seraphim Family of Mlin, 522 SERGEJ NILUS "About how Orthodox was converted to Orthodox faith", 537 SVETI SERAFIM SAROVSKI - THE BEGINNING OF THE LAST TIME "OTAC SERAFIM - NEBESKI PROTECTOR OF OUR MANASTER", 553 PREFERENCES OF A PREFABRICATED SERBS OF SAROVSKI I. About the structure of the Diveev Lavra, 559 II. On the celebration of the relics of Seraphim and the arrival of the Imperial family, 573 III. About Russia, 576 IV. About Antichrist, 590 V. The Unholy of the Spiritual Faces and the Resurrection of the Seraphim for the Preaching of Repentance to the Whole World, 594 THE FOURTH DAY OF THE MOTHER OF CHRIST AND THE HOLY BOGORODIČIN CHANNEL The arrangement of the Holy Theotokos Channel (1829-1833), 605 The spiritual significance of the channel and the prophecy about him by the passing Seraphim, 607 History of the sacred channel from the blessed retirement of the precocious Seraphim to the discovery of his holy relics (1833-1903), 608 Holy Channel 1903 year old in the days of the celebration of the passing Seraphim, 610 Holy Channel in the period from 1903 to the closing of the monastery in 1927, 611 Soviet period in the history of the Holy Channel, 613 Beginning of the restoration of the holy channel (1997-2003), 614 The original look of the channel, 615 Prayer on the holy channel today, 616 THE SERVICE TO THE PREFERRED AND BOGONOUS EYE OUR SERAFIM, SAROVSKIY MAGAZINE, 621 ACCESSORY TO THE PREFERRED AND BOGONOUS EYE TO OUR SERAFIM, SAROVSKI MAGAZINE, 645


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 March, 2012.
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