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Limitless habitation in the heart

Prayer is the aspiration of the heart and mind to God. Constant prayer is continually addressing the mind and heart to 'Him (Sv. Theophanes 3atvornik) The word of the constant prayer of the heart, or cordial prayer, it sounds like a message from a distant but still close to the world. in the scriptures as "a God-Seekers Saying," described the spiritual experiences of people whose whole life was imbued with this constant prayer. And this personal experience. Orthodox Church of the East has preizobilnim knowledge and proven teaching methods on the method of practicing this prayer. She also has learned bogoozarenih prayer; points us to a prayer time that is available to everyone who meets our knowledge and freedom and bestows us the same spiritual experiences. Constant prayer of the heart is the science of sciences, arts of the arts, an interest superior to any other profession, accessible equally ignorant and learned. Constant prayer of the heart is rooted in Scripture. Lord Jesus Christ teaches that at all times be guarded and pray, that we should constantly pray at the same time we should not speak many words, but that we should pray in the heart of the heavenly Father, in secret and in His, Christ's, name. And the apostle Paul demands that we pray in spirit and in truth and without ceasing and that the better minds than say five thousand languages. The question is, however, question whether this is even possible? And how is this achieved? Indeed, it is quite possible for a true Christian life even necessary. For gracious conversation with God through prayer represents the heart of the human soul. From time immemorial the Christian God-seekers aspire to this constant communion with the Lord, addressing Him short, frequent, intimate and attentive appeals. Spiritually enlightened fathers have found that among such appeals simplest and also the most successful means of achieving the so-called constant prayer. Jesus' prayer that. Prayer Lord Jesus. This prayer is identical with that of the officer instructed the Lord Christ in the Temple in Jerusalem. It read: Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction, 3 I. About life of prayer, 8 1. FIRST INSTRUCTIONS MOLITVI, 8 and 2. The related activity MEDITATIVNA LIFE, 1I 3. In MOLITVI Jevandjelje (according to. 'Telling seek God "In a conversation, Kazan 1911. ), 4. 18 type and levels of prayer, 24 II. Constantly warmly Prayer and Jesus prayer, O 33 1. cordial MOLITVI first church (Po Veličkovski PAIS), 2. 35 O prayer of Jesus, 43 III. Making in prayer, 53 1 PRAYER OF RULE (After Teofaiu prisoner, 53 second How is the prayer of Jesus, 51 3. excellent means of learning the Jesus Prayer, 61 IV. EXPERIENCE a prayer, 1. 70 MOLITVENIK in God 70 2. SAMOPOZNANjE and withdrawal (return truth), 78 V. ISKUŠELjA and delusions, 92 1, which spirit rules AS YOU ?, 92 2. passion, 93 3. O ISKUŠELjIMA ( After Teofana Zatvoraiku) 97 4. HEART cooling, 103 5 Myth and illusions, 106 VI. COMBATING aberration, passion 115 1. O 3aKoHoM UNUTR Decelerates BORBE, 115 2 of the invisible EFF 117 VII. Fruit of prayer, 131 on the functioning 1. BENEFITS, 132 2. confidence RADOSNA TUGA, 142, 3. A flame Revnosta, 143 4. spiritual rebirth, 147 5 of the knowledge of the heart, the inner man 152 6 Heart, 162 7. combustion engine SPIRIT I EKSTAZNA pRAYER, 175 202 Detailed information on the book title: limitless habitation in the heart Publisher: Linc Page 202 (cb) Cover:


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