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Interpretation of the Great Lenten prayer Venerable Ephraim the SyrianSveti Luka Krimski, Vojno Jasenicki

Lord and Master of my life, the spirit of laziness, grumpiness, lust for power and idle talk, do not give me that. The spirit of chastity, humility, suffering and love, give me your servant. Care O Lord, grant me to see her sins and not to judge my brother, because you are blessed for ever and ever. Amen. You know that this prayer prepodbnog Ephraim of Syria. About her I've already talked a little. Why our holy Church this prayer gives special place in worship and why so often repeated in worship during Lent? Certainly not without reason! I believe that the reason my heart and feel yourself because this prayer, like no other, penetrates to the heart and one feels its extraordinary and unique power, its divine power. This is because this prayer poured out perfectly cleaned and sacred heart and from the mind enlightened by God's grace, the mind that has become pričasnik Christ mind. Hence such power and such a mysterious effect of this miraculous prayer to the Christian heart. No matter what is very short, it contains a vast wealth of thoughts and feelings and therefore to the richness of this wonderful prayer and should be mentioned more often. At the outset I will say that it is of utmost importance that holy Ephrem the Syrian pray to God to deliver him from all that is wicked and hateful to God and that he is pleased to virtue, the most important, cardinal virtues. Why not pray for it? There are people, and there was especially in pagan times, who in everything relied on myself and thought that all can achieve the power of his mind and feelings. Even today there are people who do not realize that many things, especially what is most important and most precious, hidden from our mind and inscrutable to our feelings. People who do not always realize they have in mind what you said St. Paul: Because I do not know what I'm doing, because I do not do what I want, but what I hate, that I do (Rom. 7, 15). Thus says the great apostle prvovrhovni that recognizes its inability to walk through the good and who is deeply aware that his body has tremendous power over him, the body that is troubling him and that does not allow the heart to soar to God. And mourned the soul suffered as she did not do good which his soul was thirsty, but the evil that he did not want to do. Deeply aware of this saint Ephrem the Syrian and prayed to God to deliver him from the vices and give it the power to do good. Only God can get the strength to do good deeds and only from God we get the strength to break free from vices. One might guess that the soul of every Christian. Therefore, we must pray and St. Ephraim the Syrian tackles. Gain insight deeper into this prayer and think about why it is not just asking God to deliver us from certain vices and to give us some virtues, but it is said the spirit of laziness, grumpiness, lust for power and idle talk, do not give me that. It is important to understand why we talk about the spirit of the vices and the virtues of the spirit. You know that things have their own spirit and their own special scent. If you stay in your room your stuff, dishes and everything else that you are there for life time used and if the room is closed, it will remain your scent, the spirit of these things. Or, if you win a cup in something pleasant smell, then empty the container and rinse, you know that the smell of a long stay in it, and if it was something that stinks, then they will long feel the spirit that stinks. The same happens in the human soul. Vices in which Western man and misses left his spirit in his soul, and that makes a good leave their brightness. If a man is always doing wicked deeds and if his soul is imbued with the vice, the soul will always be the spirit of these vices. If, however, a man living chaste Christian life, if it does many good deeds and constantly sanctifies the soul through prayer, then he is imbued with the spirit of prayer, spirit, virtue and a spirit of fairness. We know from life experience that after a brief acquaintance, and sometimes even at the first meeting we suggest the kind of spirit a man. When we meet with the pious man, with a man who walks through Christ, we feel God's scent that flows from his heart. If, however, we meet with a man who is steeped in sin, naslutićemo the kind of spirit that man. This is similar to when the dog follows the scent, that man leaves behind as a clue, and brings us to this man. Every man has his spirit! Saint Ephrem the Syrian, not only to pray to God to give him the spirit of virtue and to liberate the spirit of marriage, but that is not even a trace of vice and that the soul of Christ is fragrant. It should be said that much easier to get rid of certain vices, but the spirit of these vices. This spirit very strongly dominates our heart and completely get rid of it can only be gradual and asking God for help, asking Him that He deliver us from this destructive spirit. They need to understand these words Ephraim of Syria.


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 08 June, 2015.
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