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When the saints were small

Prolog Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? The child - corresponding to Heavenly Emperor. Why? Because the child is still not tainted greholjubljem, which has unlimited confidence in parents, which has a pure heart, which is integrated by being, in a sense, by love, by volition, there is no pride, and nuts of all sins and vices, which are on the whole being his still feel the breath of God, the Logos that illuminates every human being who sends in this world. "It is Christ in the child, to every child in Christlike bogozdane his soul. In every child's - all Christ, all tiny, sweet Jesus. Who knows how to look at a child, he has to find it. Every child - the whole heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Christlike your sweetheart every child is a small Christ on earth; so is it the God of heaven, immortality, eternity. And again, everyone is a child - a little gospel; and everyone - many of fresh heavenly truth, and justice, and love, and goodness, and Eternity. In every child is so heavenly, divine, eternal, not God-man the Lord Christ willingly identifies himself with the child, stating: "What shall receive one such child in my name receives me," and this means that receives one of those who have faith in I dressed, entered me in your heart, that is me, my Gospel recover and become like children. There is no doubt that every follower of Christ child of God, son of God. So - making Himself equal with the child, the Lord Christ reveals who is actually greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Who? He - the God-man: He - Car Celestial Empire and all its wondrous treasures and untold blessings. He - a model for all the saints. And all the children of this world. They say - each time asking for their models. The children of our times, at the beginning of the new millennium, his childhood instilled are indeed many "role models" - Huge variety, elves, Harry Potter ... Other "ordinary heroes", quieter, slower, good - they are less interesting than those who are engaged in continuous struggle, pointless quest, crazy chase, and the like. We have forgotten the true role models. We have forgotten the true form in which they are treated by our ancestors. We have forgotten the Lord, the only perfect model, the only perfect form by which our ancestors grew and live up to the Saints. How did they do? We will try to explore in this book and show the children of our time what it was like "what time" when the Holy were small. As a "small" increase and grown or the saint of God - by the grace of the gods? Is there a pattern? Are there similarities in their lives? What did they do and have grown into Ugodnik God? Because, of course, before they became Saints Ugodnici God, all they were first children. Let's start from the very first, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the great love incarnate, was born in our world - and the first was a child. Growing up on the example of his own, as they did all of our Saint, who themselves were first ordinary children. Uzrastajmo the most wonderful example of the Child under the sun which is the only real role model to all children of God, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 September, 2015.
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