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Fireplace- book 1

This is a treasure trove of true stories from the hearth folk piety of the 20th century. The stories were selected from old bogomoljačkih magazine "Christian community", "Missionary," "penitent people," "The Letter" and "Orthodox missionary". Evening in Dajbabe ... It began a short evening. All you can read here, and that preventive thought. And even more, by the end frees the soul from Mirski dust and remains only repentance and prayer. His eyes quickly accustomed to the darkness and the light are even more recognizable characters frescoes. It seems that there is no greater brightness from the darkness of the cave. Moisture on the frescoes more of them come alive ... solemnly and devoutly serves evening old monk. He bows deeply before frescos, cheerful view of his, happy face. It is done the evening, the sun hid behind the mountains, the smell of grass becomes even stronger, from the distant sound is heard Čaktar. They ask if there monks from the monastery and who made these murals. He smiles and accompany guests Kanda cell old man whose life withering. The cell was dark and the only living saint fresco. Do not burn the life of an old man, but his body has become tired of a long life. A thought and spirit, only, perhaps, now approaching immortality. I witnessed an old man away. Already this week, he's long gone. Čobančić one dreamed the dream that in this cave must be the church and in this cave there is no darkness because it is a place that God blessed and saint bones lie here. He told the shepherd's dream, back then a young monk Simeon and he believed the dream and began to build a monastery, says that the frescoes. Twenty purple spring and hot summer, autumn purple and white winter turned into an old man Simeon monks wise. Old man, connoisseur of the human soul. All this talk by Archimandrite its guests. The cell was replaced by darkness. Twinkling blue eyes nursing and finally said to us: "Now go, it will be almost as good throughout the Orthodox world. I might die soon. For everything, thank God." Mary Jasinski, 1940, Metropolitan's dream During the Moscow Metropolitan Filaret of Moscow was one priest who died from drinking so much that it finally brought into question his priesthood. Metropolitan and decide for such a solution. And when one evening's turn to put the solution to the complaint against the priest, he thought he was tired and put it to work in the morning. While, overnight, the famous Metropolitan dreamed a strange dream: as Welcome and surrounded by some unknown people looks terrible, poor, sore, exhausted like the drowned, perished as a sudden death, and rose from the grave. But all are unanimous request from the Metropolitan to that priest should not be penalized. Then the Metropolitan wake up and not wishing to believe the dream, headed to the desk to put the solution to the complaint. Doing something second thoughts, in that he felt tired, leave the pen and come back to continue sleeping. Again, in the dream picture appears the same: the men began to further require that the accused priest left alone - we need him - they shouted - as it is for us to pray. Again now Metropolitan wake. Go to sleep and for the third time, the third time dreamed the same dream. Early in the morning, sent by Metropolitan Filaret to call the accused priest and announce his numerous lawsuits, as well as its intention to remove him from the parish. - Guilty - replied the priest. - But you must be hiding some Dobrodetelj. You owe me about all recognized - continue hierarch. - Bishop of mine, to me there is no virtues. I am a sinful and reprehensible. Only at my hearty initiative: praying to God for the dead. Not only for my parishioners, but when I hear of any man that died and did not leave any of the relatives, or when I meet someone deceased to carry it out of the hospital, or read in the newspaper about the sudden death, as I write, for they pray to merciful God . - Well done. You can pray to God for them and they protect you and ask you to leave you in the same church, to continue to offer your prayers for them. I forgive you this time. Extend to pray for usopše. Thoughts on where you live so far served the scandal. And after a long speech, Metropolitan was dismissed with peace of accused priests. After that, the priest is completely repaired. He left a drink. He enjoined the task of good pastoralism who have sometimes aroused to pray for the dead. I became a priest, for example, everyone. Archpriest Leonid Kolchev


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