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The secret of salvation-Archimandrite Rafail Karelin

Archimandrite Rafail (Karelin) is undoubtedly one of the most original and most important church writers of today. His books are certainly among the most widely read and naizdavanijima. He is the author of numerous articles and word of polemic character devoted to current issues of today's church life articles that discuss various problems ascetic and moral character. For Father Rafail rightly be said to be always and in all circumstances tends to primarily talk about about salvation as about what we only need (see Lk. 10, 42). Today is a lot to write and debated, but, unfortunately, very often forgets what is most important, the soul of man, which, according to the Savior's words, more precious than the whole world. We forget the soul and its hidden life in God. This of course is not a coincidence. To discuss theological issues, be important to study theology. To discuss the problems faced by today's Church is located, should be a thorough study of church history. But to be said and written about the soul and her life, transferred well aware of his soul, and the souls of others. It is certainly much more difficult and complicated than leArn theology or history of the Church. One has to himself to be very strict and attentive to be able to distinguish the voice of the soul of the passion and voice to be able to understand whether the soul seeks the love of God and, in turn, love for herself. The man at the same time must learn to love those who are next to him because only then through imperfections and flaws, the weakness and vices will be able to get people to see what is good and pure, as, regardless of the depravity of human nature, save, what wherefore the Lord and loves the man. In other words, that someone wrote about spirituality, I had to become spiritual, must receive the Spirit, and to be given blood and sweat. Therefore, it is necessary to experience ascetic whose real fruit and nelažne say about the way of salvation. It is precisely this spiritual fruit is offered to readers in this book through autorva thinking, thought and evaluation, which we sometimes make very sharp and categorical. Sometimes, however, regret that Archimandrite Rafail, as a rule, avoids talking about himself, and when this is necessary, do it only in passing. That is why his book caused so much interest, devoid of biographical information about the author. But since the author is a monk, it is quite understandable nepostaojanje desire to write about myself. Probably would not be a big mistake if we say that the books his father Rafaila kind and his biography. He's in them reveals, among other things, and as a very honest man. He simply does not tolerate even the slightest lie or artifice which i can not explain his sharpness and categorical and his conviction that the path of martyrdom above the road compromise. It should be noted that the book father Rafaila "The secret of salvation" still differs from its printed books until now. In fact, this book consists of two parts. The first part deals with the spiritual life, about what man discovers on his journey to God, causing joy and sorrow, and sometimes forces us to stop the pain is to look into your heart. There is a remarkable way of talking about how to achieve the bliss that is accessible only to those who self conscious conviction that to be truly poor in spirit. In the first part of this book is a teaching on prayer that the Christian should become the main action in his life and his driving force and support. There is also a reflection of one of God's beauty before which man's soul when he suddenly discovers, sometimes fades away from the situation and that after asking all my life in tears repentant tears. The second part of the book consists of memories of his father Rafaila the extreme ascetics of the twentieth century, which, by the grace of God, he knew. It is an unusually bright personalities who literally nailed readers' attention to themselves. But memories lead us to the personalities of these mislneno back to the author who writes about them with so much love. Through the memories of ascetics father Rafailo us alone reveals much more than in the previous books. Thus it becomes clear that as a man and as a monk and priest, but as a writer precisely formed by the association of the ascetics they write. When you read this book until the end of those who will be a father Rafail initially do too srogi, you will see that it is equally strict and according to himself, except that his strictness towards himself more like ruthlessness. It seems to us that the reason for this is that the father Rafail simply not capable of sinning soul or not to be totally honest when it comes to the truth. For if the truth is present and at least a grain of lies, then it is not true, but it is a lie. The secret of salvation, as the most important secret of man can be detected only in the light of truth. Sila bezmolvja 153 157 164 Monasticism Why the decline of monasticism? 180 Threat modernization 184 Gruzujska Tivaida 189 Travčić that are broken through roller 199 Memories 203 Father George 205 Shiarhimandrit Serafim 219 Shimon Avram 253 Arhimandrit Partenije 257 prioress Olga 266 Abbey Holy Olga 271 Unexpected joy 290 match in Samtavro 293 Anastasia seated 296 Paterik 304 reflection the past 334 Detailed information on the book title: the secret of salvation Publisher: Monastery Podmaine Page 342 Cover: soft letter: Latin Format: 14x20 cm Year: 2014


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