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Exam without correction - What to do if you died anyway?

This book describes in a detailed and spiritually manner what happens to the immortal man who still dies. If there is a practical handbook for moving from this to another shore, you have it in your hands. It is not easy to live and not die. But with Christ the Resurrector of man and the world and life and death gain their meaning, and become the pathways to eternity. Priest Danilo Sisojev INSTRUCTION FOR BREAKDOWNS, OR WHETHER YOU ARE WORKING IF YOU DIE ... Introduction This topic, as you yourselves realize, is actual for every human being without exception, because every man, he wanted - he did not want, yet he must die. From the time of Adam and Eve, unfortunately, death is the share of all people. It is clear that this share is sad, that it is not normal, that it is unnatural, that it does not correspond to God's plan for man, but he has nevertheless become a kind of our other nature that the Lord has won by His Resurrection. He has not given us an immortal life now, in the body of the body, because it would be cruel, but he would give us a resurrection in an immortal body. In this same, just immortal. It is clear why the Lord has not given us an immortal life now. Here, you are Grandma. Imagine you will not die. Would you ever want to die and suffer all the time? -He. - Then you understand what it means when people say they want to live forever? And they do not think about being nice, but possibly without a disease. And so, when we talk about death, we must first clarify the universe of the universe so that we understand what is happening to us in life. The content The priest Danilo Sisojev INSTRUCTION FOR BREAKERS, OR WHETHER YOU ARE WORKING IF YOU HAVE DIE Introduction, 5 PAD TO GREH AND PACKAGING, 5 SUPREME AUTHORITY, 10 STRUCTURE IMPROVED, 11 ABOUT LOVE, 12 CAUSES OF DEATH. PRAVEDNICI, KR©NICI I "SREDNJI LJUDI", 14 IDEAL DEATH. CLEAR DEATH, 19 PREPARATION FOR DEATH, EXPERIENCES AND VRLINE, 21 APPROPRIATION OF DEATH. CURRENT DEATH, 28 FIGHTING AFTER DIFFICULTIES, 35 PLEASURE FOR MURDER, OPEL, AGRICULTURE, 38 ZAGROBNI SVET, MITARSTVA, PRIMERI SVETLOBA, 40 MEANING OF WORLD SECRETS, 43 ROAD TO THE NEBO, 46 RAJ, 50 SVETO©TE VASKRSENJE, 53 Metropolitan Jerome (Vlahos) LIFE AFTER DEATH INTRODUCTION, 57 DIFFERENCE OF A SOUL OF BODY, 60 1. Soul definition, 60 2. Creation and becoming of the soul, 62 3. Death and firstborn sin, 64 4. Secret of the soul's separation from the body, 72 5. Mitarstva du¹e, 80 6. Temporary state of the soul, 94 7. Death of children, 106 8. Conclusions, 117 POSMRTNA ISKUSTVA, 119 1. Modern post-mortal experiences, 120 2. Critique of these experiences from the Orthodox point of view, 127 3. Differentiation of experiences, 130 Protesters Oleg Stenjajev EXAMINATION WITHOUT REPAIR OR: HOW TO REVEAL THE MINISTRY? (LIBRARY AND SCREENING PROBLEM) INTRODUCTION, 137 THE VALUE OF ZEMALJSKOG ®IVOTA, 139 O SMRTI, 146 THE FIRST THREE DAY, 152 O MITARSTVIMA, 156 Bible Testimony on Mysteries, 156 Jakovljev's rank, 159 World Heritage Testimonies of Mithras, 161 The cause of the hatred of the devils and the evil spirits towards us, 163 Testimonies of the Eastern Fathers on the Mithras, 165 The testimonies of Western fathers about the mysteries, 168 About the help of Angels to people for life and when passing through mithras, 171 Testimonies about the myths from the holy saints, 174 Why did some of the Holy Fathers believe in apocatasis and other false ideas about the life of the dead? .184 MITARSTVA 1. for sinless sins, 191 2. for the sins of lies, 199 3. for the sins of condemnation and slander, 209 4. for the sins of the stomach, pianos, 214 The significance of the prayer of the Mother of God during the passage of the minarets, 223 5. for the sins of laziness, 225 6. for the sins of thieves and theft, 235 7. for the sins of silver and hardcore, 242 8. for sins of greediness and interest, 250 9. for the sins when the injustice appears, 253 10. for the sins of envy, 255 11. for the sin of the Lord, 261 12. for the sins of wrath and wrath, 269 13. for sin of abuse, 273 14. for the murder of murder, 279 15. for the sins of magic, battling, poisoning and invocation of demons, 282 16. on which he investigates every cursing, 289 17. for the sin of adultery, 294 18. for the sins of Sodomy, 302 19. for the sins of heresies, 308 20. for the sins of the ruthlessness and stiffness of the heart, 313 ON SPECIAL COURT, 317 ABOUT RAPID LIFE, 318 About the death of the dead, 319 ABOUT THE LAST COURT, 323 Detailed information about the book Title: Examination without correction - what to do if you have died anyway: a book about the state of the soul and a journey to eternity Publisher: Obraz Svetski / Djevèe Dom Page: 348 Povez: tvrdi Letter: Cyrillic Format: 18 cm Year of publication: 2017


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 November, 2017.
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