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Interpretation of the Gospel

The Gospel is the book, which was written by the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and that all the talk about a case so Origen and says that the Gospel, which are the four write a Gospel. The subject of the Gospel is not a simple history nor is it characterized by a theological, philosophical or hropolatkom system, so it is not a complete biography of the Lord Jesus Christ, but a faithful rendition: events, actions and words of Christ from which it is carried out: the character, importance, principles and especially science the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ our Savior. Thus the interpretation of the book of the Gospel have that goal, that if it is possible to better interpret and explain in detail all the events, actions and words that are exposed in the Gospels. The importance of this book will understand the easiest and best when we remember, how every Sunday to hear the Gospel but liturgies them little or not at all do not understand even though they contain doctrine, which, teaches us how we will be happy on earth and in heaven saved. The truth of these words of our best posvedočava condition of Christian nations, who are reborn teachings of the holy Gospel. It should only matter of honor and to know in what condition they found exactly the most advanced of ancient pagan nations, and in what condition are Christian nations :, and is then easily understand the divine influence of science, which is interpreted in these books. Miserable and unhappy state of the ancients to the emergence of Christianity faithfully and vividly describes our acclaimed and renowned historian g. Stojan BoÅ¡ković when in his History of the Council says: "... and in addition to any external brightness appears the internal weakness of Roman life in the womb cancer began long to bite this huge state body, which is not founded on justice and human integrity even at large in the national agreement - but grip of violence and serve fraud. The Babylonian idolatry immoral practices undermine each cleaner basics of faith and morals of the people; a Greek science to Epicurean direction of luxury and enjoyment which the Romans, enriched prey around the world by the end carried out, poisoned what little civic spirit and virtue, which was still preserved after the terrible local wars behind goon government of Julius Caesar and his successors, who in the history of the world stamped curse of all nations and disgust of all ages ... when the Roman Empire due to the peak of his glory, n at the same time when the predominantly subdued nations suffering under the burden of pustonosnih wars, Grdni levies and violence by the Roman and domestic tyrant; when religion, honesty and moral wallow in a flood perverted pagan customs, sexual immorality, lies, and every wickedness; when the mankind was almost extinguished the light of lofty human virtue, truth, justice, human and spiritual values; when emperors, kings and princes, nobles and rich people, priests and naučenjaci knew only fall away his life, in which wallow in the mud of luxury and sin; while we all God's and human laws were trampled upon and cry stradajućeg mankind reach heaven - then told Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the Son of God and čovečanski, the spark of eternal heavenly spirit, and threw it on the ground light, which will be the heart of a human forever to heat a enlighten the mind "... When i say this several mnogouvaženog writer clearly shows too sad state of the Roman people before the advent of Christianity, that the world is saved from such and such a big accident and evil, it is necessary to at least briefly show which Christianity reborn nations, making this light heats the human heart forever and enlightens the mind. To be able to judge the importance of a book, it is necessary to examine what upečatke and what consequences it leaves in the souls of its readers. When thus be interrogated and Sv. Gospel we will be able to fairly assess and really amazed the moral consequences, it leaves with the whole of humanity. Sv. Gospel requires that we make every virtue and forbids us every vice, which is able to disrupt the peace of mind and disturb the well-being of mankind. Science requires every evangelical truth, justice, charity, humility, self-sacrifice; tolerance, forgiveness of insults and generally all the virtues that ukroćavaju passions and make people to be peaceful, pleasant and grateful. Gospel not only defines and imposes duties of men than that at the same time promises and God's grace for help in carrying out these duties, however the same goal gives us, in the face of the Savior Jesus Christ and the perfect example of virtue. The Gospel teaches that the hardships of this world, or tasting, or reward for virtue or punishment for weddings and suona him who does good, the reward or try to maintain the good; and to him who does evil ones are punishment for wickedness. This keeps the good Christian doctrine of despair by brave and helps to maintain the path of good and virtue even when starving. The Gospel teaches that all men are level before God because all his children and all are called to salvation. This doctrine dignified soothes and elevates humble and oblagorođava; rich and poor act of mercy mild, Nezlobna and harmless. Science Holy Gospel commands the masters that are good and spravedljivi, condescending and philanthropy to its ministers, who are bound to consider not only as members of their families, but also as their sons; but again requires ministers to have an honest, hardworking and loyal to their masters, who are obliged to consider as their parents and benefactors. When these principles established in the hearts of men, she coerced the people to their duties accurately and conscientiously fulfill the smernoÅ¡ću and justice no matter what kind they were able to found. The Gospel puts us in a duty to guard against impiety and low desire to live wisely and honestly and to do good to our enemies; to bless those who curse us; to love those who hate us and to pray to God for those who we are gone. Evangelical Doctrine not only prohibits us from all evil and wicked works, so that no matter how much she was pleasing to our eyes, but we also prohibits same wicked thoughts asking that we be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. The Gospel does not zabra.njuje no one enjoying that common sense does not oppose us and approves all those pleasures that do not harm neither us nor our neighbor. It limits the redundancy and puts people in a decent boundaries such as river banks and manage the flow of rivers, preventing its mouth this does not keep himself current. Evangelical doctrine strives and is able to correct anyone who is on the wrong track and promises forgiveness of sins every sinner who repents sincerely. Evangelical doctrine stands in complete harmony with all nations and all climates, for as long silences somewhere Gljev, revenge, malice, hatred, and kajiÅ¡arluk general inclination towards evil, which are subject to no people in warmer regions, the latter again sets limits indifference n negligence which are vulnerable people in colder regions. Gospel could forbids heroism, love, sacrifice and patriotism and to avoid the terrible contradiction with itself, so that all the features and determine what the basis upon which the noblest virtues. Therefore, what I recommended: tolerance, snishođenje, forgiveness and contempt of danger even to the sacrifice of life and makes it a bit and the true character of a true hero. However it requires hospitality, spravedljivost, altruism, mutual facilitation and in general conscientiously conduct - that the virtues which are closely related to the real and pure friendship. Savior Jesus Christ gives us evidence of your special love for Lazarus and Evangelist John chose for his intimate friend. Christianity and patriotism, and blesses every patriot prohibits selfishness, pride, love of money, and mekuÅ¡nost as marriage, which is ruining nations. In a word, the Gospel contains a science, where the mind of man must pay tribute, because it can be easier and clearer to find a provision to man's duties of care in itself. The New Testament shows a man than his duty, and provides resources to help ispunjavalje his commandments. It promises rewards that of men eye has not seen and ear has not heard a sentence him so terrible that really destroy all the villains who disparages his commandments and do not meet. The Gospel and the Apostolic Letter pobrajajući human sins discourage people from them with these words: Do not be deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters nor adulterers, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor kavgadžuje will not inherit the kingdom of God. This pretlja brings more benefits than all the praise of virtue and idealizing of all good because this means a greater part of humanity does not understand, however, and not accepted. Beograd 1885. Priest Firmilijan Detailed information about the Address Book: Interpreting the Gospels Publisher: Linc Page 638 Cover: hard Letter: Latin Format: 15x21 cm because this means a greater part of humanity does not understand, however, and not accepted. Beograd 1885. Priest Firmilijan Detailed information about the Address Book: Interpreting the Gospels Publisher: Linc Page 638 Cover: hard Letter: Latin Format: 15x21 cm because this means a greater part of humanity does not understand, however, and not accepted. Beograd 1885. Priest Firmilijan Detailed information about the Address Book:


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