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flagrant voice

About legalization of abortion are told that it is necessary the legalization of abortion at age 13-14 years, and regardless of how the pregnancy, because these girls already make a secret abortion, and it is then usually carried out in unsuitable conditions and without professional knowledge, which threatens their life. First, we will start from a small objection: why we do not see another way of taking care of the life and health of women, in addition to the legalization of abortion, and why is this concern would not be manifested through the protection of motherhood, rather than through its destruction? If health care centers were really concerned about women's health, they proposed Free download births, not killing the fetus (of course, we are referring to free deliveries in the true sense of the word). Secondly, do not exist harmless abortions. Surgical intervention in this area leaves serious consequences in the form of a predisposition to cancer and infertility, and often fatal even in sterile conditions, and not to mention the inevitable psychological trauma. Convince us that women who decided to have an abortion to do anyway. It would not that mean that you do not need to fight crime, but to patronize it with the help of the law and social opinions create a favorable atmosphere for the murder of children? Why then in that case we would not have legalized the sale and distribution of drugs? In this sense, we can cite many arguments. For example, despite all prohibitions junkies will continue to venous drugs. To satisfy his passion, which is a habit and disease, they will return to crime, be making money from their parents, or to start their children deprived of livelihood and thus will do drug business even richer. Would not it be better to towns and villages open special centers in which doctors in sterile conditions inject drugs, as drug addicts would not be infected by the AIDS virus and become its carriers? So, students need to share the drugs so as not to steal the money for its purchase and explain to them what dose should be taken in relation to their body weight, because children will anyway somewhere on the streets learn through practice and thereby can die from an overdose. It should also help their children professionally vein to insert the optimal amount of poison. Generally, you should create a "cultural ad" on the ground in order to avoid "uncontrolled ad". Why is the spread of drugs and propaganda are offenses and legalization of abortion propaganda and humanity to his wife when both water and the collapse of the personality of the nation? According to court statistics, the level of crime is increasing throughout the world, a significant percentage are fights with knives and murder. Why in that case we would not have opened centers where they would be carried out sterilization of knives to the wounds after a fight would not be infected? Since the crimes continue to happen anyway, why do they not done in a more humane way? They keep telling us that abortion has been and will be. But only legitimizing abortion morally corrupts society. So, the laws are concerned that the killer does not hurt during the crime, that is, allow the murder and even encourage it. Laws should protect human life and above all, a crime victim - a child, not a bully who lost conscience and who could be his mother. How should we understand that laws in many countries prohibit the death penalty for the worst crimes, but at the same time allow the killing of innocent people, while protecting the killer? Convince us that in a hospital setting during abortion spends more women. But the question is who to survive? Probably people who have lost their conscience and humanity? Do you spend a piece of meat along with your child to the devil and sell your soul? And for what remains in life? Is it because that would be paid neck, seasoned with children, and then killed them? When legal abortion legalized, then all of society becomes a killer, and all of us directly or indirectly participate in the seizure of every life, in every child's death. In some of the nation existed a custom that a man who was sentenced to death put a noose around his neck and then the long pull rope all the villagers how none of them would have been regarded as his killer. Perhaps this was so, and in order to avoid a blood feud? However, if you remain silent, then the hands of all of us the rope with which to kill the child and we are responsible before God and his own conscience. Fon which is carried out the murder of children, which relates more victims than the epidemic of plague or cholera, is debauchery, destroys families and kills respect and love between spouses. Debauchery became a phenomenon which is tolerated, but it seems that it will soon become a luxury. Doors, cinizam and killing of the links of the same chain. Children are not protected nor of those most disgusting images of debauchery. Children are very receptive soul and readily accepts that what is good and what is bad. This is carried out mass violence against children and their spiritual rape. Man as if from the very childhood to destroy a sense of conscience and integrity, to break away from the traditions of the people to which it belongs, and to prevent the influence of the family. Why not banned television, street and newspaper Porn? To this question we answer: "In the name of freedom!" But we wonder why freedom from and freedom for what? Perhaps freedom from morality for the sake of satisfying the basest passions, while justifying every kind of debauchery? But this already is not freedom, but an abomination! For people from all over the crashing torrent of dirt that have been literally inundated with today's society. It is impossible to open a newspaper or turn on the television without seeing the most disgusting nudity intimate life. People from the very childhood forcibly injected with poison injections and without talking about freedom. SAM fact crime is not what the scariest, but its legalization when a crime becomes a daily occurrence, when it is seen as an integral part of life when it does not disturb the conscience of the society, when in the care of people getting used to, when he was no one's business if one did not care for him. We live in a time when the door is spreading like an avalanche. Abortion can not be viewed abstractly because it is an organic part of society and mundanity cult door. More recently, abortion is considered a crime, and now has become part of everyday life. No abortion will soon become a hallmark of civilization and then to those who dare to say anything against him to look with scorn and ridicule as fanatics and reactionary. Freedom is the freedom that abortion is killing. These are incentives given murderers! Why do television shows today revolve around an axis - about sex and murder? People are 24 hours suggests that debauchery is not moral anomaly nor ridicule the dignity of man, but only one detail of life, as for example breakfast or a walk in the fresh air. As a result of fornication and debauchery appears emotional indifference in relations between people. Debauchery kills man as a person, and from him remains only his animal side. If the soul is lost, then everything else is just a bag of bones and blood. But the most despicable is that those who deceive the people must to call themselves Christians. Where is their human dignity as image and likeness of God and the phenomenon of an immortal soul that can see God only if you kept your purity? The Apostle Paul writes that he who destroys his body, destroys the temple of God. Christ is the one who offend you said: It is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, his mill, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. He is called Satan a murderer from the beginning. And who are you? Do you have children Cain and Abel? The legalization of abortion for minors is in fact a reference to the children's adultery and murder. Such children often becomes a perfect villain. His life from the very beginning of human blood sprayed. The famous Christian thinker of the second century Clement of Alexandria wrote: "Departing fruit woman with him ejected from himself all that is human," that is, the greater the decline does not exist. The legalization of abortion when it comes to thirteen year old girl, projects, lectures sexology at schools and similar "cultural" and "charitable" endeavors are sanctioning the spiritual and the physical desecration of the children and remove the last limitations, even if just and moral, when it comes to adultery and debauchery. This is a slide into the abyss with no bottom and no end.


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 December, 2017.

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